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Kung Fu, when translated, is defined in many ways. In some translations it is defined as “hard worker,” “person of excellence,” skillful worker,” or “one who has acquired skill through perseverance.”

Kung Fu is present in our everyday tasks. It shows up in how well we treat our families, friends, communities, or in how well we play sports, an instrument, and completing homework. Kung Fu is literally everywhere and in everything we do.

My desire is to create an environment where Kung Fu can be cultivated for all my students in every aspect of their lives, not just here at the wu guan (Kung Fu School).

One’s Kung Fu journey is a physical representation of life. Try, fail, and adjust. Then repeat the process. One must try, they may fail, but the martial artist will adjust and repeat the process until mastery has been accomplished. Life’s experiences are a “live, learn, live,” cycle. We encounter situations that bring up areas of misunderstanding, but with the right perspective we can gain understanding and wisdom, allowing us to learn and to approach those situations with fresh eyes.

Here at Dragon Claw Academy we pursue a “Strong heart! Strong mind! Strong body!”.

Why a Strong Heart?

From the heart all things flow. From a weak heart comes characteristics such as complaining, blaming others, impatience, selfish ambition, pettiness and hatred. On the contrary, a heart of strength offers love unconditionally, it offers grace, mercy, patience, servitude and empathy. The heart has to be conditioned and cultivated just like any other muscle in the body. In a society that is thin skinned and hard hearted, we must be the opposite: thick skinned and humble of heart.

Why a Strong Mind?

The mind helps to perpetuate the character of the heart. “What a man thinks, so is he.” If my mind is fixed on characteristics of a weak heart, your life will ever be filled with hard times, mean people, and the unfairness in circumstances. Are there hard times, mean people, and unfair situations? Absolutely. But with the mind fixed on these things we miss the precious lessons and beauty that can come from these experiences. On the opposite side, if the mind is strong and cemented into the characteristics of a strong heart, we can experience great freedom in the hard times even in cruel and unfair circumstances.

With multimedia at the palm of our hand, we can grab information right away. Most times stories are only shown from one-side creating an immediate emotional response that has been manipulated by those reporting. Our responses to these kinds of events must be rooted in understanding and wisdom. With all that is bombarding our society, our minds must be fixed on thoughts above the fray and ways above the ways that seem right to pop culture.

Why a Strong Body?

Research shows that a body in motion stays in motion. Exercise is vital to the overall health of mankind. Exercise brings fresh oxygen to the body allowing for adequate blood flow, the release of life giving endorphins, and the rejection of unhealthy toxins. Not only does focused-base exercise do the above, but it sharpens the mind and opens mental pathways to better problem solving and emotional health.

Why are all of these attributes important?

In society today, all ages experience attacks physically, mentally and emotionally. Kung Fu prepares the heart to serve our communities and to give us a positive perspective on humanity, it prepares our minds for the intense challenges posed to us through negative interactions, bullying and hardships, and it prepares our bodies in the chance that we have to respond to physical altercations.

Kung Fu is not just a fighting system, but a way of thought and perspective.

What is does the “Dragon” mean in kung fu?

The Chinese dragon symbolizes, traditionally, power, strength, and spiritual calmness. Excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon, A number of Chinese proverbs and idioms feature references to a dragon, for example: "Hoping one's son will become a dragon!” Come discover your inner dragon!