Little Dragons Champaign, IL - Kung Fu Club Champaign, ILDragon Claw Academy
1How do I register?
All new potential students are required to attend two interview classes. This gives DCA the chance to see the physical aptitude, mental response, and the social interaction of the potential new student in the classroom. This also gives the family interviewing a chance to see how we conduct classes and apply our school philosophy. This helps families know what they can expect from their kung fu journey. Once they complete the interview classes, should the interviews go well, the student will receive an official invitation to our school.
2Do I have to buy a uniform?
Uniforms are a requirement for enrolled students, and can be purchased once an official invitation is received.
3Will I have to sign a contract?
We know we live in a very transient community, and we understand the fickleness of students, therefore, we offer tuition options for month-to-month, 6-month and 12-month memberships.
4How often do students test?
Our Little Dragons program tests monthly, and students receive stripes towards receiving new sashes. Our DCA Kung Fu Club and Kung Fu Academy test once every 4 months.
5What are the testing requirements?
In Kung Fu Club and Kung Fu Academy all students must log a minimum of 32 hours of practice each session to qualify them to test. However, Shifu Chen reserves all rights to hold a student back if they not performing.
6Do you charge fees for testing?
There are no testing fees for Little Dragons, however, Kung Fu Club and Kung Fu Academy end of session testing requires a nominal fee which varies based on level.
7How quickly can I get my black sash?
Here are DCA, we push the philosophy of Gongfu. “Skill, acquired through hard work and perseverance.” We do not promote simply by participation. This being said, if a student begins their training and endures, they can see a black sash in 3-3.5 years.
8Is this a fighting school? Is there sparring?
Martial Arts by definition is fighting arts. We study the art of fighting through traditional forms, chin na, and partner drills. There is sparring for ages 7 and up, however not until the student has reached the intermediate level. By that point I will have discerned the temperament of each student, and can guide them to an educational experience in sparring.
9Will students learn weapons?
Weapons classes are available for students who have reached the Orange Sash level.
10Do students have to buy sparring gear or weapons?
Once the student has reached the Intermediate level sparring gear will be needed. Sparring gear can be purchased through us, or through your own online searches. Weapons will need to be purchased to participate in weapons classes.