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Kung Fu Academy (Ages 13 and Up)

If you want to learn a complete martial arts system in the Champaign area that maximizes the physical and mental skills of self-defense, you’ll find it at Dragon Claw Academy! You will get in shape, learn practical self defense techniques, and manage stress in a fun yet challenging way.

Perfect For People Of All Ages And Fitness Goals!

Our professional and caring instructors have full knowledge of the human body and will teach to each individual student’s skill level. Teaching basic to advanced Kung Fu techniques, Dragon Claw Academy’s Teen/Adult Martial Arts classes for ages 13 and up will teach blocks, kicks, and open and closed hand striking to increase confidence and improve self-esteem. Also, our students will learn advanced breathing techniques to improve internal focus and better your overall mental and physical fitness.

Don't Hesitate A Moment Longer!

If you are ready to gain the strength, stamina, flexibility, and peace of mind that comes with learning Kung Fu Martial Arts and self defense, simply input your information in the request box on the side of this page. We’ll send all the information you need about our Teen/Adult Martial Arts program directly to your inbox to you can get started today!

Benefits Of Champaign Adult Martial Arts

  • Total and Unshakable Confidence
  • Bust Stress
  • Improved Confidence & Increased Self-Esteem
  • More Energy At Home & Work
  • Increased Strength, Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Learn Leadership Skills
  • And Much More!
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