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Kung Fu Club (Ages 6 to 12)

Perfect For People Of All Ages And Fitness Goals!

Our professional and caring instructors have full knowledge of the human body and will teach to each individual student’s skill level. Teaching basic to advanced Kung Fu techniques, Dragon Claw Academy’s Teen/Adult Martial Arts classes for ages 13 and up will teach exciting strikes from closed to open hand techniques and a variety of kicks. You will also learn basics to taking down opponents and a diverse range of submissions and chin na techniques. Also, our students will learn advanced breathing techniques to improve internal focus and better your overall mental and physical fitness.

Strengthen Your Child’s Body & Mind With Martial Arts!

If you’re looking for kids martial arts classes, try our Kung Fu Club at Dragon Claw Academy! Kung Fu is a great workout for all kids, no matter what shape they’re in. Plus kids who take Kung Fu Classes at Dragon Claw Academy will get the added benefit of our character-building and mind-strengthening exercises that give kids a lifelong edge above their peers! Our Academy teaches and cultivates in each student the most fundamental values; artistic, academic, and athletic talents.

Why Wait? Give Your Child A Head Start!

Dragon Claw Academy’s Kung Fu Club gives your child benefits that will last a lifetime. Take a moment to fill out the brief contact form on this page. That’s all there is to it. You’ll receive all the information you need to get signed up today!

Benefits Of Champaign Kung Fu Club
  • Learn Effective Bully Prevention & Avoidance
  • Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Greater Overall Health & Fitness
  • Improved Focus & Concentration
  • Learn Rapid-Fire Punches & Kicks
  • Increased Endurance & Stamina
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