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Success Stories

“We love Dragon Claw Academy! They treat you like family and teach my son great morals as well as kung fu! I feel better knowing he can protect himself and has an outlet for all his energy. Also he has made great friends here!”-Katie S

“Our son has been training at DCA under the expert tutelage of Shifu Aaron for almost three years. He has developed physically, emotionally, intellectually, and his self-confidence is rock solid, while remaining modest, respectful, and genuine… All reinforced by the environment Shifu created and maintains at DCA. Then Chen family, and the greater DCA family, have been fantastic.” -Eric H.

“My son has been attending this academy for a year now. He goes to class 3 times a week, year-round. Though this is quite a time-commitment, he is excited Every. Single. Time. He loves it, and so do we. The kids do not just excel physically. But there is also a great emphasis on teaching the principles of respect, love and discipline. I can only recommend DCA. Champaign can consider itself lucky to have the Chens.” -Eila S

“My son has been taking classes with Shifu Chen for three years. He has accomplished many levels with great confidence and pride. Shifu is wonderful with his students and families. He works with the skill level of the person and helps them to do the best they can. As a mother I feel my child has grown in strength as well as confidence under Shifu Chen’s instruction. They are very good about involving the whole family and giving back to the community.” -Amy B

“Our daughter has been going to Dragon Claw for more than two years (currently a brown belt) and we have been very impressed. She has learned amazing form, it has changed her strength, and she is empowered in a new way. Shifu Chen is a caring and funny instructor while also instilling character and maintaining expectations from his students. We may be moving and my husband says that Dragon Claw is one of the activities he will miss most for our children (and that says a lot living in a college town like Champaign-Urbana).” -Susan C

“Shifu Aaron is an amazing teacher. Watching him interact with the kids is absolutely delightful! My son Christian has only been to 5 classes and I see him learning so much already and having a great time. Last week at school they were able to wear something shiny or something that made him feel special or unique. I’m sure you can guess what he wore! I’m so happy to be a part of the Dragon Claw Family!” -Patricia M

“I would highly recommend this school to anyone in the area wanting to train in authentic Chinese Martial Arts. Dragon Claw Kung Fu is a beautiful and practical approach to self-defense that is appropriate for all ages. The lead instructor is professional, knowledgeable and charismatic with a natural gift for teaching.” -Rafe R

“Shifu Aaron Chen is a talented, finely trained martial artist with years of experience in both practice and instruction. He adapts his teaching style to fit his students’ needs and knows what each student requires to excel. He holds a 3rd degree Black Sash rank in traditional Lung Shou Pai Kung Fu and teaches authentic, traditional kung fu with the blessings of both his instructor, an 8th degree master of the style, as well as the Lung Shou Pai Grandmaster.” -Matthew G