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Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu Our Story


At Dragon Claw, we believe that building mental strength is just as important as building physical strength. In a society where instant gratification is the norm and we expect rewards for our accomplishments, Dragon Claw takes a different approach. We show our students that hard work isn’t always glamorous or exciting. In fact, often the only reward for hard work is more hard work! We teach our students that the goal of Kung Fu is to constantly be learning and growing. Rather than feel discouraged by the next mountain to climb, students at Dragon Claw learn to celebrate the mountain peaks they’ve conquered so far and – more importantly – enjoy the hike!


After years of practicing Kung Fu, Shifu Aaron Chen was asked to help teach at the dojo where he trained. From the moment he began teaching, Shifu Aaron Chen realized that training children in Kung Fu was his life’s passion. Not long after, he decided to open a school of his own. With just three students, Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu had humble beginnings. However, we didn’t remain an underdog for long. Just a year later, that number had climbed to 100 students!

Since day one, Dragon Claw Academy has provided a Kung Fu education that encompasses the heart, spirit, and soul. In Kung fu, improving your mind is just as important as perfecting your strongest kick. That’s why Dragon Claw Academy aims to transform the lives of our students both in and out of the dojo. Our lessons on the mat teach hard work, discipline, respect, generosity, excellence, improving behavior at home, and working hard at school. Overall, our goal here are DCA is to build authentic confidence that will influence the rest of your life!

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