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Jocelyn Lippert
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Amazing place, mentor, teacher, community. Mr.Chen helped my son gain strength and confidence in elementary school, through Covid and high school even after we had moved away from Illinois. Dragon Claw Academy will always hold a special place in our hearts. I am so thankful for Mr. Chen and how he was there for my son through the years. He truly changed his life!

Rebekah Wilson
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My boys started Dragon Claw when they were young, working their way through several belts. I appreciated the approach, developing them holistically through character development along with Kung Fu skill. If it weren’t for Dragon Claw relocating, I have no doubt they would still be with it. Worth every dollar. Definitely built confidence!

Susan Carty
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My daughter started with Dragon Claw when she was in early elementary after they began as an after school program. We continued with them through middle school all the way up to her black sash. She is in college now but is still proud of her ability to throw a good punch! Shifu Chen was always responsive to the needs of his students and also any concerns of parents. He cared about them as a community. We still have our sash certificates with the personal notes he wrote about our daughter for each one. I know we were not the only ones who were sad when they left our community.

Anna Williamson
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LOVED my time with Dragon Claw Academy. I learned some Kung Fu basics as well as self defense basics that were very empowering even as an adult. If I had kids, I would 100% put my kids in Shifu Chen’s classes. He is very invested in his students and teaches respect, discipline, and integrity for the martial art form while empowering his students to work hard. He has totally mastered teaching in person AND via zoom.

Ernest Krolick
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Dragon Claw Academy is an excellent school led by an amazing and dedicated teacher. When I would come into the school, I noticed how he interacted with the younglings he was teaching. While he’s an excellent instructor for adults, he’s been better with kids. They are always so engaged and seem to be having so much fun. I would highly recommend this Kung Fu school for everyone young and old! Can’t go wrong.

Michelle Gonzales
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My son and I met Shifu Chen at a critical time in my family's journey. Shifu provided my then 8-year-old son with the support, guidance, instruction and love that he needed more than ever. For eight years, through his practice at Dragon Claw Academy, my son cultivated his body awareness, his moral compass and his knowledge of this beautiful martial art. I am forever grateful for Dragon Claw Academy, Shifu Chen and all they did to uplift my family's life. I highly recommend this school to people of all ages.

Grant Czadzeck
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Dragon Claw Academy and Shifu Aaron Chen changed my life and kick started my martial arts journey. Classes are great for all ages, and the community is welcoming and helpful. If you’re thinking about learning kung fu for yourself or your children, this is the place to do it.

Tom Teper
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Both of my sons and I studied under Shifu Chen for many years prior to his relocation to the Dallas area. My children started in the Little Dragons programs in first grade learning the basics of Lung Shao Pai Kung Fu, the eldest continuing beyond earning his junior black sash. In both cases, the children not only had a great time, but learned much about their own physicality and about the basics of character necessary for them to become strong, confident individuals. Although they are both very different people, I can still see benefits from the programs that Shifu Chen ran in their development into mid-adolescence. My eldest has moved into other martial arts and into sports, but he still misses the programs that DCA ran in our community.

My own participation in DCA's programs began as an adult. After years of sitting through lessons and picking up kids, it was my turn. Although I had no background in the martial arts, Shifu Chen's teaching style and welcoming environment made it easy for individuals of many abilities to engage and form a community within the school. The school provided a supportive, disciplined environment for adult students, so much so, that I continued studying and eventually earned my black sash as well. One of my proudest moments of recent years, it was only enhanced by the friendships that developed through DCA's programs. I can't recommend DCA more highly. Shifu Chen's teaching style, engaged work to develop both individual physical traits and character among students of all ages, and work to build a community within the school made DCA a local gem repeated voted best in our community.

Laura Rexroad
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I had the honor and privilege of being taught by THE best instructors at Dragon Claw Academy. I participated in the trial and had pretty much decided that I maybe couldn’t do it. I was a lot older than most of the students and I just wasn’t sure I had it in me. I then received a video from Shifu, inviting me to be a part of his school. I took that as a sign that I needed to get one more rank of black! It was the best decision ever! He and his staff were exceptional, knowledgeable, courteous, polite, willing to work with people individually, and also willing to modify any exercise according to people’s abilities. I always felt welcome and a part of the wonderful family Shifu had created, from scratch! It was my hugest challenge to finish my black sash journey and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything in the world!

Amanda Jo
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This academy is absolutely amazing! Shifu Chen is such an awesome soul and teacher! When our son went to the academy, his teacher was Jospeh and boy did we love him! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is asking. You will NOT regret it! Thank you for all you taught our son while he was there! Keep being a light in this world 🖤💛

Jaime Olson
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My children LOVED their years of learning Kung Fu at Dragon Claw!!
One of my kids began the program with quick reflexes and an aptitude for strength-building. The other did not start out with either.
Yet BOTH of my kids learned, grew, and developed at Dragon Claw under Shifu's gracious teaching. They loved working through the skill sets and putting in the effort it took to move up to the next sash color.
Far more importantly, my kids were affirmed for their efforts in building character. Shifu encouraged them to be kind, to serve, and to care for others. The mental training aligned beautifully with the physical training and I watched my children become the best versions of themselves.

James Lippert
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I went for 4 years and loved every moment. Mr. Chen is an outstanding teacher, but more importantly an amazing person. I highly recommend.

William Asse
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Safe, friendly place to learn , or sharpen your traditional kung fu skills.

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