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Shifu Aaron Chen

Shifu has always loved martial arts, specifically Kung Fu. He was always drawn to the fluidity, grace and power of Chinese Martial Arts. He grew up in the Pasadena, CA, area where he began his contemporary dance career. He studied dance in Los Angeles, then moved to Philadelphia (where he met his wife Abigail).

He continued his education at Belhaven University, where he also taught as a specialty instructor in Jackson, Ms. They lived there for several years, where he and his wife also owned gourmet coffee shops.

It was in Jackson, 10 years ago, that Shifu Chen met his teacher, Shifu Crake, and he began his Kung Fu journey.

Shifu has 19 years of dance and kung fu instruction. He continues his own education by going back to Jackson to study with his teacher, as well as expanding his knowledge of martial arts through his studies in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Wing Chun, Shaolin, and Tai Chi. He attends competitions to continually expand his exposure and test his skills.

Shifu Chen loves Kung Fu and its philosophies of hard work, no fear of failure, skill, respect, and excellence. He stresses the importance of these virtues in his classes, and more importantly his everyday life.

“Try, fail, adjust, and repeat."
  • Try, because you’ll never know what you can do until then.
  • Fail. It’s a vital part of the process.
  • Adjust. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t let the mistakes define you.
  • Repeat.
Perhaps most importantly, don’t give up…
martial arts champaign, il

Quinton Pollard (Senior Instructor)

I practiced Shaolin for 10 years in Indiana. Occasionally I go back to review, and bring back new techniques and concepts to share at the school.

I started training in Lung Shou Pai almost two years ago, and discovered that hard work and talent work well together. Without hard work, talent can only take you so far. Teaching is a fun challenge that I love to embrace.

What I enjoy about teaching is sharing my knowledge and passion of kung fu.

martial arts champaign, il

Felipe Barradas (Little Dragon Instructor)

I have been doing kung fu for three years now.

I've been punched, kicked, and thrown to the floor, and have only one word to describe my experience: amazing.

What I like about Kung Fu is that it doesn't just teach you how to defend yourself, but it also gives you a chance to interact with others that want to learn the same thing that you do.

What I like about teaching is that you can see the kids grow…

Not only in strength, but in character too.

martial arts champaign, il

Jessica Lemke (Junior Instructor)

I love learning Kung Fu and enjoy every minute of it!

It is a beautiful art form, and the more I learn the more I like it. I’ve had so much fun while learning blocks, kicks, punches, and self-defense techniques. No matter what kind of day I’ve had I always look forward to going to class.

My favorite thing about teaching is seeing the kids learn and grow in Kung Fu.

I love seeing the moment when what they are learning clicks in their mind, because I have watched them work hard at it.

From the fearless and adventurous, to the quiet and imaginative, I love getting to know them and seeing their personalities come out during class.