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Kung Fu was created for several reasons, one being a way to train for self-defense. Kung Fu arms its practitioners with important skill sets that could save their lives.

Kung Fu is rooted in striking, providing students with various unique and often unorthodox moves that they could use on an attacker. It teaches its practitioners about distance control, protecting them from harm in any dangerous situation. But the benefits aren’t just physical. Kung Fu is just as good at teaching mental discipline as it is at teaching physical discipline. Through its ability to foster mental strength, Kung Fu teaches even its youngest Martial Artists how to remain calm and focused in high-stress situations.

Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu Little Dragons

Healthy Habits

According to the Mayo Clinic, kids ages 3 to 5 should “be physically active throughout the day to enhance their growth and development.” Furthermore, children 6 years and older should “get at least an hour a day of moderate or vigorous aerobic activity.” However, research reveals that many kids aren’t meeting these guidelines. So, how do you make exercise a part of your child’s daily routine?

The secret is providing your child with a physical activity that is fun! Unlike group sports such as soccer or softball, Kung Fu students don’t spend any time warming the bench. Instead, they’re able to take advantage of every minute of class, and make friends at the same time.

In addition, Kung Fu provides kids with a full body workout, helping them improve their speed, strength, coordination, and flexibility. In turn, this can result in better stamina, stronger muscles, healthier bones, and improved cardiovascular endurance. Kung Fu not only leads to a healthier body, but a healthier way of life.

Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu Little Dragons

Life Lessons

Some parents worry that because Kung Fu is an individual sport, their child won’t learn the same lessons on teamwork, empathy, and care for others. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The Martial Arts are known for their unique focus on personal growth. And Dragon Claw Academy is no exception. We believe that the principles of patience, peace, self-control, and confidence are crucial to performing to the best of your ability. Dragon Claw Academy teaches these values from day one, helping our students learn how to take care of others and believe in themselves.

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