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Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu Teen & Adults Kung Fu

What It Is

Unlike other Martial Art disciplines, Kung Fu doesn’t just include one style. In fact, Kung Fu includes hundreds of different forms, such as shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and the northern Praying Mantis. At Dragon Claw, instead of focusing on just one of these styles, our Kung Fu class incorporates principles from several of the most prominent forms of Kung Fu. Throughout this course, students will learn about the defining characteristics behind each of the styles that are utilized in their training. When it comes to Kung Fu, we believe that knowledge is just as powerful as physical skill.

All styles of martial arts have their practical elements and specific aesthetic appeals. Some people love the rolling grappling, so they tend to be drawn to arts such as wrestling, and BJJ. Others love the striking art forms, including styles like Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and Karate. What makes Kung Fu different from the other striking art forms? Simply the expression of the strikes. Bruce Lee was once asked, “What’s the difference between Karate and Kung Fu?” I will sum up his response: Karate is like a metal bar. It will beat you down. Very angular. Kung Fu is like a metal ball at the end of a rope. Very circular movement.

DCA is a big supporter of all martial arts styles. We simply are drawn and fulfilled by our method of strikes and training.

Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu Teen & Adults Kung Fu

Health Benefits

When you’re practicing Kung Fu, you’re engaging just about every part of your body. Kung Fu training provides Martial Artists with a unique set of physical advantages that are sure to get you in amazing shape, improve your execution in all other athletic activities, and bring you great fulfillment. Kung Fu is a very balanced discipline, boosting practitioners’ strength and flexibility simultaneously. This high-intensity and aerobic workout conditions the body – improving stamina, energy levels, and cardiovascular health.

Life Lessons

According to Britannica, the art of Kung Fu has been around since the Zhou dynasty, or about 1111-255 B.C. Needless to say, this Martial Art has a long history characterized by strong ethical values. Kung Fu places a significant emphasis on principles of respect, self-discipline, balance, compassion, perseverance, and patience. Dragon Claw Academy incorporates these morals into every step of our Kung Fu training. We believe that once students apply these values to their own lives, they will be able to reach new levels of mastery in their athletic performances.

Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu Teen & Adults Kung Fu

Mental Growth

Don’t get us wrong – physical health is extremely important. But here at Dragon Claw Academy, mental health comes first.

Kung Fu is an activity that requires intense focus and high energy levels. As a result, this Martial Art is perfect for releasing endorphins, managing your emotions, and lifting your spirits after a bad day. After just a few Kung Fu classes at Dragon Claw, you will begin to see its effects on all areas of your life – improved confidence, stronger work performance, and better communication skills.

Dragon Claw Academy of Kung Fu

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